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Weight loss

can i lose weight without diet and exercise : number 2 gonna shock you

For some people, following diets to lose weight is an unlikely option to choose. On the one hand, some researches reveal that most of the people who manage to lose weight through diets soon as their weight rises back within a year.

On the other hand, some people don’t think diets are a solution because of the health risks caused by those diets such as food deprivation, for example.

So how to lose weight without dieting? In the next lines, you will learn about 2 different strategies that will save you from diets.


1         Get Rid of Toxic Overload in the Body


First things first, we need to know what does Toxic Overload stands for, what is the relationship between it and weight loss, and how can we help our body get rid of it.


1.1        What is Toxic Overload?


Toxic overload occurs when toxins build up in our bodies. This happens because of today’s environment and lifestyle factors such as air pollutants, food additives, pesticides, etc.

Although our body contains 7 channels that naturally detoxify it, toxins get removed, which are blood and the lymphatic system, Colon, Kidneys, Lungs, Skin, and Liver. Yet, toxins stuck at these channels over time, which leads to the Toxic overload in the body.


1.2        How detoxing body help weight loss?


The detoxification of the body from stuck toxins may have a direct relationship with weight loss, especially if we know that when the liver gets overloaded with those toxins, it starts to stock them in fat cells.

That being said, the more hidden toxins you get rid of, the more unwanted weight you lose, or you prevent gaining.


1.3        How to help body detoxing itself?


Several methods would help detox the body of hidden toxins, but in general, picking two to three practices and including them within your health goals would be enough so that you start getting results only after few days.

However, many factors, such as genetics, age, etc. would delay the results for a few months.

Below are three ways to start detoxing your body:


1.3.1        Liver-cleansing herbs/supplements


Like what is already mentioned above, the liver is a vital organ that plays a main role in either increasing or decreasing weight. Therefore, it should be maintained and cleansed from toxins, and this could be achieved by taking some herbs/supplements such as Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, and Burdock.

Many products that combine these three herbs into one supplement are available on the market, making sure you only use products that are all-natural and gentle on the body.


1.3.2        Eat Foods that detoxify the body         Green leafy veggies


Veggies like kale, wheatgrass, spinach, spirulina, alfalfa, chard, etc. are an excellent choice for anyone who seeks to cleanse his body, especially if they were taken raw or juiced raw in a juicer.

These plants will help give a chlorophyll boost to your digestive tract, which rids the body of harmful environmental toxins. Green leafy veggies are also high in naturally occurring sulfur and glutathione, which help the liver detoxify toxic chemicals.         Citrus fruits


Citrus fruits (Oranges, Limes, Lemons, and Grapefruits) not only help the liver and body in the cleansing process but also jump-starting the digestive tract with enzymatic processes. You only need to start your morning with a warm glass of lemon water.         Beans


Thanks to the potent enzyme cholecystokinin it contains, beans naturally hold the appetite and provide protein to the liver, helping the detoxification process of the body.

You can easily add beans to your meals in a salad or just eating them as a side dish.


1.3.3        Light physical activity


Simple movements help to protect the body from toxic overload throughout increasing the oxygen amount of blood. The oxygen dissolves in the blood; therefore, it washes out sludge that gets packed in and on the arteries. You can encourage this type of cleansing by practicing brisk walking for about thirty minutes.


2         Speed Up Your Metabolism


Sometimes, it’s just that dieting is not a choice that some make freely of their own accord.

It is quite the opposite for some people, especially those who suffer from a sluggish metabolism, this explains why some people have great success with one diet, but others get no results from it at all.

But what’ sluggish metabolism? How it influences losing weight and how to forbid it? To get answers to all these questions, continue reading this article.


2.1        Sluggish metabolism


Metabolism in a simplified meaning is about the chemical reactions in our bodies that regulate the weight and the calorie-burning rate. Factors including environment, stress level, genes, and aging in particular significantly affect each individual’s metabolic efficiency, causing the sluggish metabolism, which means that it gets slower.

As a result, the body does not respond to traditional diets and weight loss programs, while others do. In other words, people with a high metabolic rate are able to burn more calories than others with a sluggish metabolism does.


2.2        How Sluggish metabolism affects weight loss?


As we have already mentioned before, one of the factors that determine the individual’s weight is how his body metabolizes food.

Knowing that calories that are not burned get converted into fats, it makes it easy to understand the relationship between metabolism and weight loss as it makes it more evident why people who follow the same diet may get different results.


2.3        How to prevent sluggish metabolism?


You might be thinking there is no way to avoid sluggish metabolism since it occurs because of some out of control factors. Still, indeed, some feedings habits, especially poor diets, lead your metabolism to slow its activities.

When your body starts noticing a lack of food compared to the way it used to get, it starts slowing the metabolic rate to conserve energy.

That being said, if you start eating enough food, you are not only preventing sluggish metabolism but also making your first step towards boosting it. Because eating every three to four hours signals your body that you have plenty of food and energy to fuel the body throughout the day, so the body starts speeding up metabolism to allow the power to be used most efficiently.

That was the part of what not to do, and in the line blew, you will learn about some ways to fire up your metabolism.


2.3.1        Ways to Boost Your Metabolism         Eat breakfast


When you eat high-protein breakfast, you encourage your metabolism and increase its rate of up to 30% for about twelve hours, which is equivalent to jogging for three to five miles.

But if you skip breakfast, then your body, because it goes without fuel for about fifteen hours, it starts storing fat as a result of being in starvation mode, as we’ve already discussed in this article.         Don’t eat right before going to bed


One of the most guaranteed ways to slow metabolism is to before bed because the fat burning systems in the body get slower at night for resting and repairing while we are sleeping.

So consider eating your dinner, it is desirable to be a lighter dinner, at least two to three hours before you head to your bed so that you can have a good sleep.         Get as much sleep as you need


Having a good sleep is a vital key point for a healthy body in general. But more than that, it is believed that people who get a good sleep their body are able to regulate the chemicals that control hunger and appetite.

When your body doesn’t get enough rest, its functions can’t work correctly.


2.3.2        Foods That Speed Up Metabolism         Green tea


According to the studies, one of the best metabolism boosters you can drink is green tea.         Cayenne pepper


The way that cayenne pepper helps speeding metabolism up is by heating the body, which in turn burn calories while trying to cool itself.         Salmon, tuna, and sardines.


Tuna, Sardines, Salmon, and wild pacific salmon are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which will help you boost your metabolisms and lose weight. Besides, fishes are considered one of the healthiest food you may have ever.         Vegetables.


Fiber, vitamins, and many other essential nutrients that boost metabolism and keep it in high rates exist in vegetables.

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