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workout for weight loss: 8 exercises to lose weight

workout for weight loss

Dedicating both time and effort to workout for weight loss may be hard for you. Especially if you end up getting no results in the end.

However, if you already know which workout for weight loss are the best, you will make the most of your goals.

Because when you depend on the exercises that actually help you burn calories, you get a real impulse to train since you know you’re not just working out there randomly. Therefore, chances of achieving set objectives get higher.


is workout effective for weight loss?

Exercising can help you lose weight thanks to many reasons:

You’re performing a high activity:

When you do the daily activities, you are immediately burning some calories. Not to mention activities that require high efforts. This will help you burn more calories, resulting in some important weight loss result.


Some exercises help you gain muscle mass:

Other than fat tissues, muscle tissues are more metabolically active. Thus, muscle tissue burns more calories than the fat tissue does.

In other words, the more muscle mass is your body, the more calories you burn when resting.


It increases the metabolic rate in body:

Besides to all other factors that affect metabolism rate in your body, you should also consider the amount of activity you spend.

Exercising regularly lead to increase your muscles mass and get your body to burn energy faster (increasing the metabolic rate), even when you’re in resting mode.

8 exercises to lose weight:

  1. Jumping jacks

Time: 10 minutes — Estimated Calories Burned: 100 Calories

This is a highly intensive exercise that results to burn more calories in your body. The equation of weight loss is simple, you eat fewer calories than you burn.

While you burn some calories doing the usual daily activities, performing highly intensive exercises such as Jumping jacks makes a great option to increase the number of calories burned.

How to do Jumping Jacks:

To perform this exercise, start with placing your legs together and place your arms at the side of your body.

Now once you jump, spread your legs apart and move your arms quickly the area above your head.

Once you perform this movements, you should perform them in reverse immediately back to the starting position and then keep repeating.

Common Jumping Jacks Mistakes:

  • Getting arms by your sides while your feet are out wide
  • Bending Your Knees


  1. Running

Time: 10 minutes — Estimated Calories Burned: 114 Calories

When it comes to workout for weight loss, running can’t be discard. It’s said that running may get you burn up to 100 calories per mile.

When you run, you’re working your lower body muscles’ most. Also, your core muscles get involved in a lesser degree, but still contributes to lose weight from this part of your body.

How to Run:

In fact, running may seem to be easy and it can be done with no mistakes, yet you should consider to make sure you maintain a good posture, engaging your core, and gazing forward to get the most of it.


  1. Push-ups

Time: 10 minutes — Estimated Calories Burned: 70 Calories

Push-ups are easier to do exercises because they require no equipment and can be done anywhere you feel like.

Doing push-ups, every muscle in your body from the neck to the toes is trained including your chest abs. Thus, it will help you build muscles especially your chest and abs muscles.

This is one of the factors that help you lose weight because the more muscles your body is, the more calories it burns and led to weight loss.

How To Do Push-Ups:

Start by holding your body in a plank position making your arms straight and abs tight.

Make sure your hands and arms are positioned slightly below your shoulders, and your fingers are pointed forwards.

Next, try to lower your body until your chest is an inch or two above the ground.

Then push your body back away from the ground until your arms lock and repeat.

Common Push-Ups Mistakes:

  • hands are positioned too high and wide
  • shoulders hike up towards
  • the ears body is not straight and rigid


  1. Mountain Climbers

Time: 1 minutes — Estimated Calories Burned: 114 Calories

This exercise targets the major muscle groups in your body. When you perform the mountain climbers workout, you’ll notice a high heart rate level because many parts of your body are involved in this exercise.

Higher effort activities mean higher chances to lose more calories. This is why this exercise makes a great option for you if your goal is to lose weight, especially if you want your abs to show up.

How to do Mountain Climbers:

Let’s start with getting into your plank position, try to make your hands a little wider than your shoulders. Then make sure your abs muscles are tightened.

Next, you need to draw one your knee in without lifting the hips up and then start alternating between your right and left legs.

The faster you perform these movements the more that your heart rate will come up.

Common Mountain Climbers Mistakes:

  • Rounding or Arching Your Lower Back
  • Excessive Lower Back Movement
  • Leaning Your Head Forward


  1. Burpees

Time: 10 Minutes — Estimated calories burned: 114 Calories

Burpees are another great option for you if you’re looking to workout for weight loss. This exercise doesn’t only help you lose weight while performing it, but also it helps to boost metabolism in your body.

Metabolism is an important factor that determines your weight too, because a good metabolism rate means a good burning fat process occurs.

Performing this exercise regularly will allow you achieve weight loss as time goes by.

How to do Burpees:

To perform this exercise, start from a standing position, then get your hands down to the ground while bending your knees.

Once your palms touch the ground, jump your feet backward and quickly lower down to get into a push-up position.

Next, you need to push back up while jumping your feet forward between your hands.

Then immediately jump straight off the ground, land softly and repeat.

Common Burpees Mistakes:

  • excessive low back arch
  • peeling yourself off the ground
  • folding forward


  1. Side Plank Raises

Time: 10 minutes — Estimated Calories Burned: 100 Calories

In general, Plank exercise can help you helps you strengthen your side abs muscles.

Plank exercises also help you maintain a good metabolic rate. In this way, your body can still burn calories even during your rest time.

How To Do the Side Plank Raises:

Start from a side plank position and make sure you’re placing your forearm on the ground.

Then, give your body a perfect alignment from your head right down through your hips and to your heels.

Common Side Plank Raises Mistakes:

  • dropping your hips
  • dropping your head
  • not keeping your body straight


  1. Skater Lunge

Time: 10 Minutes — Estimated Calories Burned: 117 Calories

In addition to all its other benefits such as stability and balance, the skater lunge exercise also can promote weight loss for you.

This exercise should help you work out most of your lower body muscles and reduce fat from that part. Also, it helps to boost your body metabolism which makes a difference in the weight loss equation of body.

How To Do the Skater Lunge:

start with making your knees slightly bent and your chest up while you look straight ahead.

Then try to stand on one foot and cross your opposite foot behind you and then laterally hop. When you hop, keep the landing foot straight ahead as you land.

Naturally, the leg you just jumped with will cross behind the opposite leg. Then try to maintain your balance by using your arms to push your standing leg to sideways jump back and forth. While that, try to keep your chest elevated throughout the entire exercise.

Common Skater Lunge Mistakes:

  • small jumps not using your arms for balance and explosiveness
  • the jumping leg does not drive behind the opposite leg


  1. Plank jacks

Time: 10 Minutes — Estimated Calories Burned: 117 Calories

Plank jacks is a blend of cardio and core strengthen exercise. This exercise engages multiple muscles at once, helping you strengthen them and lose some fat.

How To Do Plank Jacks:

Start by getting your body in the straight arm plank position with your hands under shoulders and feet together.

Then, pop your feet apart and back while you breathe regularly.

Make sure you’re keeping your body in a straight line and your upper body stable.

Common Plank Jacks mistakes:

  • Dropping head down
  • Raising the lower back towards the ceiling


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